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London's Food Tours

East End Foodie Tour

Sightseeing is great but what about something more exciting such as The East End Foodie Tour? Experience mouth-watering marvelous cuisine, unique art and different cultures in 3.5 hours and enjoy eight authentic tastings at a wide range of markets, shops, bakeries and restaurants. You will be eating in places locals call London’s best kept secrets for a reason! Apart from lip-smacking food, expect stories that give you an idea of the traditions and culture of this vibrant neighbourhood. Expect to see such things as Georgian-style mansions built from the wealth generated from French silk trade and hidden synagogues will catch your attention and provide clues to the areas heritage. I cannot imagine a better way to spend your afternoon in London!

Twilight Soho Foodie Tour

London’s vibrant night spot, full of character with a rich history: the Swinging 60s, London’s jazz scene, burlesque and beyond! During recent years Soho has improved its reputation vastly. Now it is the place to experience the most exciting international cuisine in London. The evening food tour keeps you away from the common tourist destinations and shows you the reason for its well-known culinary reputation. You will not only find hidden food gems but also experience the Soho vibe. Be ready because the eclectic mixture of international flavours means you will sample anything from Fajitas to Italian polenta! Adventurous food + Soho vibe = best combination ever